For The Birds (2014)

One­‐off event – Three exotic birds inhabit the exhibition space at the LAB, Dublin, for the final day of 'Tonight You Can Call Me Trish'. Punctuated by a series of guided tours by the artist, delivered in Italian.  

For Tonight, you can call me Trish, Ó hAodha has been commissioned to devise an encounter with a specific community of interest. His work For the Birds is a one-off event, which takes place in the gallery over a single day. Teasing out notions of what constitutes ‘audience’ and ‘exhibition’, the artist plays with the presence of three hand-picked exotic birds, who simultaneously occupy the gallery both as viewer and live performer, activating, intervening and, in moments, becoming complicit with the language of display, aesthetics, and the mediation of contemporary visual art.

Curated by RGKSKSRG

Animal Coordinator: Eddie Drew                                                                                                         

Video: Jenny Brady                                                                                                                     

Photography: Eoin Kirwan